Pen Densham Gallery

I approach photographic subjects that magnetize me as sensory explorations, allowing my unconscious to guide me: a Hawaiian stream, a Red Maple tree in Napa, reflections in Toronto Harbor, and especially, koi in ponds in California. I often shoot wildly against the rules — way over-exposing, hand-holding long shutter speeds, flying the camera -- pushing beyond the conventional to the emotions and sensations of nature. 

I am evolving my aesthetics, almost using the camera as a paint brush.  All my individual photographs are single, full-frame exposures, totally un-cropped. They are all captured using RAW, the most complete image that the camera can record.  I sharpen, saturate, or adjust hues and contrast, to sculpt and discover what is in the frame. Nothing is cropped away or added by Photoshopping.  I am the human algorithm that judges my discoveries.  I embrace their imperfections as well as their harmonies.  My pictures speak to me without words — when I choke up with emotion, I know I have found myself in that single image.

But, recently something new has excited me - combining images, like mirrored reflections or in sequences. These formations create vibrations and harmonies between the photographs as well as inside them.  This collection includes some of my unrefined “proof of concept” sequenced images.  It is a pleasure to share my adventure in process.

- Pen