Equilibrium/Trade by Thomas Schoos

Equilibrium/Trade is a series of large-scale paintings that celebrates the beauty, power and personalities of animals. They are part of my effort to heighten global awareness of the plight of endangered species and the need to balance commerce with fairness and respect. It is my hope that these images, eventually encompassing nine distinct animal species, will encourage an appreciation of the special qualities of these wonderful creatures and lead to a world where humans and animals coexist in a mutually beneficial equilibrium. 

Because the Equilibrium/Trade series is contracted to appear soon in a gallery show, we may not reveal the paintings in full at this time.  This collection of photos is intended, rather, to give a taste of the mood and details of these pieces while also exploring the creative process.

Note: All the photographs in this section were taken by Pen Densham as part of his project documenting the artistic process and world of Thomas Schoos.  Please see the Pen Densham gallery to find out more about Pen and his own original work.